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Lighting and Electric Surge Protection


Lighting and Electric Surge Protection

In the field of protection against electro-atmospheric discharges Procainsa has specialised in the engineering studies according to the highest safety standards.

At the moment, the safest way, to protect against the direct impact of lightning, is its capture, derivation and dissipation to earth.

Defining the risk and the levels of protection and coverage of the buildings or elements to be protected must be made case by case, following the current legislations.

The coverage studies and the installations of lightning rods are taken into account by insurance companies and reduce the price in the policy.

Franklin Head and Ionization Natural Head

The Franklin head are based on the effect of one simple Franklin head and the lightning protection angle is a cone of 30, 45 or 60o semi-angle, depending on the protection level I, II / III and IV, respectively, according to IEC 1024.1, 1990.

Natural bronze / stainless steel ionization heads are based on the collection pole effect, dielectric, and ion crown. Its coverage is equal or better than Franklin head. The lightning protection angle is similar to hemisphere centred on it, according to NTE IPP 1973.

Early Streamer Emission Lightning Rod

In stainless steel, they are based on the effect of amplification of the atmospheric electric field by means of an internal early streamer. This generates tracer pulses that allow capturing the lightning before strike against the structure. Depending on the tracer times, different coverings can be guaranteed according to NFC 17-102, CTE SU8 and UNE 21186.

These types of lightning rod are the best solutions to protect people and company assets.

Cells Collector and Ground Wire

Based on the Faraday cage principle, they are considered the best protection system. The separation of the cells will determine the level of protection desired or established. To minimize electrical resistance, conductors with a cross section equal to or greater than 50 mm² in Cu or equivalent shall be used.

Assembly Accessories

We have a wide variety of wall-mount fixing elements, cable-wire joints, lightning rod masts and heads, crimp, rods and bases, grounding equipment, clamp base, sealing material and special supports.


As a consequence of the direct strike of lightning or through the grounding systems of an installation, when there is electro-atmospheric discharge that generate overvoltage. This overvoltage can seriously damage the equipment connected to the electrical network.

The industry has developed a multitude of very reliable filters to this kind of transient overvoltage, specific for electrical, electrical equipment and signal transmission (TV, radio, modems, telephony, computer data, etc.).

At Procainsa we are specialized in the study of your protection needs according to IEC 31643-11, designing stepped filter installations to meet your requirements. Our technical team is also responsible for the installation of the necessary equipment to provide effective protection against transient overvoltage.

Electric Surge Protection Diagram

Products and Services

Protección Catódica -Procainsa

Cathodic protection is an active method against corrosion of a buried or submerged metal structure.

Gestión de la Integridad

Main tool for the knowledge of the state of the integrity of the pipe. We are specialists in inspection techniques for underground pipelines.


Procainsa combines experience in operation and field inspections as well as data management to ensure safe pipeline operation.

Sistemas de Puesta a Tierra

Placed by star-plates, javelins electrodes, make these earthing systems are highly reliable.


The safest way to date, to protect against the direct impact of lightning, is its capture, derivation and dissipation to earth.


All our courses have as a principle “Learning by doing”, having a high practical component in the client’s facilities.