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Integrity Management

Mantenimiento de instalaciones e inspecciones

Integrity Management

Procainsa SA combines the experience in operation, inspections and data management to ensure safe, reliable and efficient pipeline operations. Our knowledge of the legislation will allow the Operator to comply with the requirements of the Regulator in the country of operation.

Our goal is to establish and transfer integrity from the design phase, during the operation to the end of the life or decommissioning of the pipelines.

Our team offers individually focused solutions to the case, to protect people from the risks and putting safety first.

Our capabilities include:

• Pipeline integrity management systems (PIMS) in accordance with European regulations: UNE EN 16348: 2014 and prEN (TS_15399: 2016)
• Integrity assessment
• Pipeline life extension according to CEN ISO / TS 12747: 2013 ILI data assessment
• Risk based inspections (RBI)
• Inspection, maintenance and repair strategies
• Engineering and design
• Due diligence
• Audits and litigation


Procainsa SA is a pioneer company in the implementation of pipeline integrity management systems in accordance with the European Standard UNE EN 16348: 2014 and prEN (TS_15399: 2016).

The PIMS is to set of appropriate activities and practices by which Operator preserves the integrity of the pipelines to ensure safe and reliable transmission and distribution of hydrocarbons.

The goal of PIMS is to demonstrate, how different pipeline management activities, contributing effectively to ensuring integrity throughout the pipeline life cycle.

Our services include:

• Inspection, maintenance and repair of the pipeline
• Pipeline monitoring strategies
• Corrosion Management
• Risk studies and risk matrices
• Mechanical integrity of the pipeline
• Management and control of anomalies
• Performance Management (KPIs)

Integrity Assessment

The pipeline condition can be damaged, due to defects that occur throughout its useful life.

The main objective of the integrity assessment will be to establish that the pipeline can safely work with its current operating parameters, as well as establish parameters to maintain the integrity efficiently.

Procainsa SA has a long experience in evaluating defects in pipes from different inspections, such as: smart pig, DCVG, ACVG, cathodic protection, ROV, non-destructive testing, etc.

We can also combine data from all the inspections to predict corrosion ratios and calculate the remaining life of the pipeline. This will help us optimize inspection and maintenance operations or repairs.

Our services include:

• Fitness for Purpose Studies
• ILI data study
• Remaining life assessment
• Inspection, maintenance and repair strategies
• Cost of pipe integrity during its life cycle

Pipeline Life Extension

Many pipelines are approaching or exceeding their original design life. The Operators intend that these facilities continue in operation, transporting or distributing product in a safe way.

Oil & Gas is a mature sector, where many pipelines have been in service for more than 25 years, which is the typical design life specified. Procainsa carries out pipeline life extension studies based on ISO / TS 12747: 2011.

Our services include:

• Fitness for Purpose Studies
• ILI data study
• Management, evaluation and categorisation of anomalies
• Evaluation of the internal and external corrosion features
• Pipeline fatigue assessment
• Risk assessment and risk management
• Study of the remaining life of the pipeline
• Integrity management update

ILI Data Assessment

Procainsa has long experience evaluating defects in pipelines from inspection by the intelligent pig.

We can carry out pipe integrity assessments by studying the data reported by the smart piston inspection.

These defects include:

• Corrosion defects
• Dents
• Welding defects
• Manufacturing and construction defects

PIMS Graphic
Corrosión de una tubería
study data using piston intelligent inspection

Products and Services

Protección Catódica -Procainsa

Cathodic protection is an active method against corrosion of a buried or submerged metal structure.

Gestión de la Integridad

Main tool for the knowledge of the state of the integrity of the pipe. We are specialists in inspection techniques for underground pipelines.


Procainsa combines experience in operation and field inspections as well as data management to ensure safe pipeline operation.

Sistemas de Puesta a Tierra

Placed by star-plates, javelins electrodes, make these earthing systems are highly reliable.


The safest way to date, to protect against the direct impact of lightning, is its capture, derivation and dissipation to earth.


All our courses have as a principle “Learning by doing”, having a high practical component in the client’s facilities.