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Cathodic Protection

Protección Catódica

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection is an active method against the external corrosion of a buried or submerged metal structure.

Procainsa SA has extensive experience in the design, supply of materials, installation and commissioning of cathodic protection systems using sacrificial anodes and impressed current. We have over 25 years’ experience and the main Spanish operators have trusted us the annual cathodic protection maintenance and coating inspection.

Our technical personnel are trained and accredited by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) for cathodic protection work.

Since 1988, Procainsa has been working on projects in Europe, North Africa and South America.

Our main services are:

• Design, installation and commissioning of Cathodic Protection systems
• Maintenance of Cathodic Protection systems
• Supply of CP materials
• Anticorrosion engineering
• Cathodic Protection Monitoring and Control Systems
• Resistivity soil surveys
• Marine and atmospheric corrosion
• Microbial Corrosion
• Materials selection
• Estimation of damage, remaining life and Risk
• Structural integrity and fault analysis
• Subsea and underground inspection
• Non-destructive tests
• Cathodic protection and corrosion training

Maintenance of Cathodic Protection Systems

Procainsa is specialist in complete maintenance of the cathodic protection system, conducting weekly, monthly or annual surveys.

Our main services are:

• Survey and regulation of cathodic protection station (Rectifier)
• Cathodic Protection surveys
• Potential record by on/off measurement
• Stray current studies (DC and AC)
• Installation of systems against the stray current (DC and AC)
• Cathodic Protection in underground tanks
• Cathodic Protection data manager of monitoring systems

Material Supply

Procainsa SA offers a total supply service for its cathodic protection and earthing system. We manufacture and distribute top quality products with internationally recognized suppliers.

Our traceability of the product, allows us to have a quality control of each one of the components that we supply.

These components are:

• Cu/CUSO4 or Ag/AgCl, Zn reference electrodes, portable and permanent.
• Impressed current anodes (groundbed)
• Cathodic protection station (Rectifier)
• AC-DC current discriminators
• CP Test Posts
• Anticorrosive tapes and special paints
• Insulating joints (flange and monolithic)
• Backfill (Calcined petroleum coke)
• Sacrifice anodes (Mg, Zn, Al) for underground and marine applications

Pararrayos y Sobretensiones
Protección Catódica
Protección Catódica

Products and Services

Protección Catódica -Procainsa

Cathodic protection is an active method against corrosion of a buried or submerged metal structure.

Gestión de la Integridad

Main tool for the knowledge of the state of the integrity of the pipe. We are specialists in inspection techniques for underground pipelines.


Procainsa combines experience in operation and field inspections as well as data management to ensure safe pipeline operation.

Sistemas de Puesta a Tierra

Placed by star-plates, javelins electrodes, make these earthing systems are highly reliable.


The safest way to date, to protect against the direct impact of lightning, is its capture, derivation and dissipation to earth.


All our courses have as a principle “Learning by doing”, having a high practical component in the client’s facilities.