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Maintenance and Management of Cathodic Protection Systems

Procainsa works with the largest Operators in Spain and Portugal and is responsible for maintenance and management of Cathodic Protection system of one of the most important and strategic pipeline networks in Spain.

InstallationPipeline Network

Maintenance of Cathodic Protection Systems

More than 180 cathodic protection stations are checked monthly and more than 1500 critical cathodic protection point are measured every four months. On the other hand Procainsa is carried out corrective maintenance, where more than 30 cathodic protection stations have been installed and the renovation of more than 40 anodic beds.

The maintenance plan also includes coating inspection using the DCVG (Direct Current Voltage Gradient) technique.

The project

This project also involves the revision of the cathodic protection system of hydrocarbon storage tank parks.

During these years, Procainsa has carried out studies of stray alternating current that affecting several pipes, having installed more than 50 UDCAs (Alternating Current Drainage Units) for the mitigation of the alternating current. Stray current studies have also been conducted with other cathodic protection systems of other operators, and specific studies when undesirable anomalies have been discovered.

Procainsa has assigned a great team to this project with high level skills. The main quality is the immediate intervention for solving failures. This gives us the confidence to have the networks well monitored and maintained and saves us many costs in major repairs or specific trips for small repairs

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